8 Quaint Village Tourism Spots You Must Visit Around India

Rural India continues to host sites that offer pristine natural surroundings, lifestyles that are untouched by technology, gastronomical experiences that are defined by simplicity and housing conditions that will change your perception of modern-day necessities.

The rural tourism destinations listed below offer you a choice between authentic rural experiences or those where you’d see aspects of modern-day comfort stitched into rural surroundings. On one hand you can dabble in local activities such as farming, animal husbandry, textile or mat weaving, fishing or even wrestling, while on the other you could just kick back, relax and experience something completely new.

1. Purushwadi

About 71 kms from Igatpuri, you’ll travel up winding roads that edge stepped fields, watch children hitchhike or walk for what seems like miles to school and witness villagers go about their farming and goat herding on green pastures.

The village will introduce you to a different way of life where you will spend your afternoon as a guest in a mountain-side home looking down at the river gush in the valley while the never-ending clouds pass dreamily overhead.

You’ll sample simple village food of the Mahadeo Kohli tribe and cane-boosted black tea that will keep you high on energy. Or that’s at least why the farmers have ultra-sweet tea.

2. Hidden Village

Located in Shahapur, the establishment marries the certain comforts of modern-day homes with a rural experience amidst a dense forest. Like with Purushwadi, you’ll have the charm of unpaved roads, the cacophony of poultry as well as the calming hum of a natural spring. The spring pool runs abundant with water during the monsoons, and houses fish that are willing to give you a free pedicure.

Apart from the spring pool, you’ll see a massive fresh-water swimming pool nestled near a canopy of tall overhead trees. You can either choose to camp out in the open or pick yourself an independent cottage that’s furnished with seating, beds, a TV, a refrigerator, air-conditioning, as well as attached individual bathrooms.

‘Patil House’ happens to be one of the best cottages to live at, considering its close proximity to the waterfall, where you’ll hear the hum and thrash of the breaking water all throughout your stay. Other cottages like Venus and Jupiter take things a notch higher by offering you your own private Jacuzzi in the open backyard.

3. Kila Raipur

When you talk about villages and farms, you can’t overlook the ‘sunny’ Punjab. While the state is famous for its warmth, love for good food and affinity to merriment, some places attract millions for fun and frolic. Kila Raipur, situated 15 kms from Ludhiana, is one such village in Punjab that hosts an Olympic competition that tests both strength and luck.

You will be left bewildered as you watch competitors partake in daredevilry tests like lifting a bicycle with their teeth or tugging an automobile with their ears. Other events include tractor racing, horse/ mule/ bullock and even dog racing. The championship attracts thousands of participants from across the globe and is held every February over a period of 3 days.

4. Hodka- Banni Region

There are a number of small villages clustered across the vast expanse of blinding white sands and a picture-perfect blue sky in the Banni region. Hodka, one such village among many others in the Rann of Kutch area, has opened its doors to travelers in a huge way.

There are a number of small villages clustered across the vast expanse of blinding white sands and a picture-perfect blue sky in the Banni region. Hodka, one such village among many others in the Rann of Kutch area, has opened its doors to travelers in a huge way.

You will live as a guest among the community with the choice of being put up at Sham-e-Sarhad resort or in a traditionally sculpted mud-home. The ‘Bhunga’ is a traditional home, fashioned in a rounded manner and sports seats and beds made of mud too. You’ll have the opportunity to witness traditional crafts like pottery and glass embroidery while choosing to help out with weaving or wood carving too if you’d like.

5. Bijaipur

Rajasthan has managed to take travelers by surprise for some years now. Bijaipur, a quiet village 55 kms from Chittorgarh, brings you respite amidst miles of rustling golden sand and the opportunity to live in a 200-year old heritage castle.

If you’d prefer a simpler experience, you could choose to live in a traditional cottage too. Like with any other village in the area, Bijaipur will indulge you with local handcrafts and trades, cultural practices and immersive plays, folk dances as well as a wildlife sanctuary near-by. You could also zip up and down sand dunes in a jeep-safari, or ride along the timeless sands on horseback or camelback.

6. Pipli

Just 20 kms outside of Bhubaneshwar, the coastal town of Pipli attracts tourists all throughout the year. The main occupation of the locals here is handicrafts and textiles so you’ll see a spread of colours and textures in street-markets.

The destination offers a quiet getaway for those that enjoy both heritage and serenity. While you can try your hand at local arts, you could also set out from the town to visit other places of cultural heritage like the Konark Temple, the Chilka lake or the city of Puri.

7. Araku Valley

Just over 110 kms from Vishakapatnam lies a civilisation that is untouched by modernity. The Araku Valley houses around 19 tribes in the heart of the forests; among spring falls and low misty clouds that will brush past you as a walk around its undulated pathways.

The place best serves those who appreciate the sanctity of nature. Itika Pongal, the hunting festival in April will have you witness tribal men go hunting with spears and bows & arrows; while the women welcome them back for an evening of dance (Dimsa or Mayur) and revelry. Government-run guest houses provide decent accommodation and facilitate visits to other local attractions like the Tribal Museum, the coffee plantations, the Parmapuram Gardens and the Borra Caves.

8. Kumbalangi

One of the first eco-tourism initiatives in the country, Kumbalangi is a small village near Kochi that overlooks the backwaters. The locals here are naturally dependent on fishing for a livelihood and allow tourists to occupy homestays and experience the sights, sounds and flavours this little island has to offer.

You could glide along the passive waters of the lake on a boat, assist locals with Chinese fishing nets; or even go fly-fishing if you’re feeling lucky. The evenings can be spent sipping on a beverage watching the blazing sun disappear beyond the waters. Apart from savouring sea-food delicacies, you can look forward to indulging in a variety of acidic meat curries as well as fermented rice bread.

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